Brabus real 800 HP from the powerful AMG 65 G

The world debut of a powerful 800-HP G-class is scheduled for Geneva in March.

Great tuners from Bottrop, specializes in the treatment of a range of Mercedes-Benz, published information and a photo gallery with high resolution of the Widestar 800 or more accurately of tuned relentlessly G 65 AMG.

Two years have passed since the debut of the Widestar 800, based on the then c 55 AMG. Now, however, after the abrupt change in the model of the G-class by Brabus had to meet and to optimize the new variants of the sport. The company’s original plans for the violent debuted “cubes” during the exhibition in Qatar, then in early March in Geneva.

The new Widestar 800 driven by a 6.0-litre V12 Bi-Turbo and after modifications carried out by the Brabus creates 800 HP and read carefully, 1420 Nm! the German tuners have taken security measures and limitirali to 1100 nm. We remind you that the factory TYPE G 65 AMG delivers 612 HP and 1000 nm.

Widestar 800 needs just 4.2 seconds to perform the classic Sprint from standstill to 100 km/h, before developing electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h. limitation be removed when it reaches 270 kph. power sent four-wheel through automatic transmission sedemstepenna.

Of course, this is not the only power modification with the AMG 65 G. Includes the traditional company padded aerodynamic package consisting of a wider fenders, front spoiler grille lights PIO led day driving, radiators with a new layout. Vs ″ ″ dehod t of images was uploaded on 16-inch wheels, “shod” in racing tyres size 305/25 R23.

By Brabus ended his program with a new section for the suspension (ride control), developed in cooperation with Bilstein.

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