Interior shot of the new S-class

Dominated by huge LCD screens.

After numerous spy photos from the upcoming generation of the S-class, eventually in cyberspace has invaded the particularly interesting from the inside, or more accurately than in the original, which we think will be quite similar to that of the serial model, and that is what we expect with the official premiere in Geneva early next March.

In this collection, you can see spy shots of the new world order-S in the tests.

Ahead is the only photo reveals that somehow the kokpit ″ t of the new S-class. It is inevitable to not to impressive zagledame on LCD monitors with an equally impressive sizes, one of which is for navigation, which we are sure will provide customers with a completely new control system and Internet applications.

We would say that, overall, the design of the dashboard and the steering wheel is an evolutionary to a certain extent, since it differs mainly from the current S-class. Undoubtedly, Mercedes-Benz engineers collaborate to improve Interior, furnished with more care and quality materials.

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