Ken Block introduces their new home and. .. Hoonigan Racing Division

Apart from the busy schedule for the year 2013, Ken Block revealed that it is working on a new different project Gymkhana.

In cyberspace emerged two new and interesting news about Ken block. Along with our photos I have attached below in the Gallery, revealing a completely new home (expanded to an area of 1115 m²), it became clear, and changing the name of his group. I have changed the name of the monster World Rally Team Hoonigan racing Department.

Ken Block said the interior design inspired by your favorite skateboards from the ‘ 80s and early ‘ 90s and quickly ships of the series “Majâmi Weiss”. The Team Racing Division Hoonigan has a private, is divided into two parts – the first is related to the Administration and marketing, and the second for the mechanics and cars.

The program for the current year by Ken Hoonigan and dividing Blko racing includes participation in the global X Games rally, RallyCross, America, Gymkhana grid and WRC.

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