The latest from Hamann: elegant solutions for 6 series Gran Coupe with sports M

The četirivratata “six” with the sports package M sports. It seems maddeningly amazing!

Internal tuning masters of the Bavarian manufacturer published information and a gallery of photos in high resolution on the program for 6 series Gran Coupe. Enriching the range together with the already modified Coupe and Convertible variants “pointed”.

Your pictures show a really heavy četirivratoto Coupe, equipped with the m-sport package from the Division of BMW, known as the sports M.

The program of German magicians covers two outside of series 6, Gran Coupe and the Interior. Because of these changes, we believe that the “identified” has acquired a more sexy look and appearance. Hiŝnostta in the vision of has grown over time. Notice new front spoiler that improves the running resistance difuz′or ″ t in conjunction with the new outgoing pipes exhaust, new front bumper, side skirts, rear wing, a new carbon fibre bonnet.

By Hamann will offer customers a wide selection of wheels that till the end of optical tuning 6 series Gran Coupe. The Interior is furnished with a leather trim and aluminum pedals.

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