The latest from the G-Power: see the old luxury program for Ms.

Exclusively within the previous generation M6 will color combination, equipment levels and leather upholstery.

Two months later, after having introduced the new schedule strength for MS M6, magicians of G-Power revealed in detail his program for the previous generation model. Interesting because at the moment …

The combination optimization of the engine and the Interior of the old BMW M6 was brutally and extremely beautiful in the human eye. Although talking about the previous generation, we remind you that the new Member States for M6 (F12) from tuners G-Power has developed a program of resistance that increases the power output of the factory 560 HP and 680 Nm at impressive 640 HP and 420 nm of maximum torque.

The luxurious interior of the BMW M6 (E63) colors prevailing, the so-called “grey islandsko” from German tuner will offer customers to adjust the cockpit to your own taste. Choose between three levels of entertainment equipment, infotainment and business, along with a number of combinations of fur, such as alkanatara or perforated Kjerba Nappa. The presence of carbon apps are undoubtedly required. Strange is the fact that the technologists from G-Power can be added to the equipment of M6-s and coffeemaker.

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