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Официални подгряващи снимки на McLaren P1 в действие (ВИДЕО)

Производството е ограничено до 500 бройки. Базова цена: около 890 000 евро.

Британският производител на изключително спортни автомобили реши да зарадва почитателите си с последните подгряващи снимки, които на практика разкриват наследника на иконата McLaren F1. Фотографиите, които сме прикачили в галерята по-долу ни показват прототип на модела по време на тестове. Освен изображенията, от McLaren изкараха и официално тийзър видео.

Вижте официалното видео на McLaren P1 по време на тестове.

Неоспорим е фактът, че предстоящият McLaren P1, който се задава с пълна сила да отвее конкурентите си от Ferrari и Lamborghini, черпи вдъхновение от концептуалния модел, чийто дебют се състоя преди няколко месеца. Колкото до механиката на супер автомобила, знаем само, че инженерите от McLaren работят съвместно с компанията Akebono, която е поела отговорността за спирачната система (описват я като свръх ефективна), Mobil 1 за охлаждане и смазване и Pirelli за специални гуми.

Идва по-интересната част от разработката на McLaren P1 – британският спортист ще има 600 к.с./тон, което е впечатляващо! Моделът използва платформата от MP4-12C, но разполага с иновативната система за регенериране на кинетичната енергия при спиране.

От наследника на McLaren F1 ще бъдат произведени 500 екземпляра. Цената на всеки ще започва от около 890 000 евро.

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Exotic SLR McLaren completely reinforced by RENNtech and Adv. 1

The Americans have not forgotten by RENNtech SLR McLaren …

Best loved by many super car with the initials SLR McLaren, which was interrupted by the mass production in 2010, was edited by RENNtech and 1 Adv.. We believe that you have known that these two companies, but if you’re still wondering how you will briefly explain their activities.

Extreme power without compromise – this is the motto of the American Studio RENNtech tuning, founded in 1989 and dorabotvaneto conditions of models from the range of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, VW, Audi and Bentley. The programs include modifications to the engine, suspension and exhaust system. Adv. 1 is an American company specializing in the production of manual wheels, whose design is the least divine.

Although the model SLR McLaren was replaced by “the winged” SLS AMG, remains hidden in the favorite tuning masters and especially if it is in the form of a the roadster, as is that of the gallery. The outdoor SLR is unusual in cars, and what remains is solved in yellow varnish? The revisions in the SLR from the pictures that will descend on new exhaust, brake fluids and cooling systems.

The score? 5.4-litre V8 generates increased power from the factory 617 HP for the strikingly beautiful bicycle 750 HP. with matte black core deep concave ADV05 and a Board resolved in glossy black paint. Located on 20-inch sizes for the front axle and 21-inch rear, as an ideal complement to the vision of a super car.

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FAB design made in your light spider McLaren MP4-12 C

The program for the British Super Convertible Terso name. 10 pieces will be produced.

This week was the second Super car, passing through the hands of accurate Swiss tuners from FAB Design. The first was the second generation of the Porsche Cayenne, and now we have before us is an athlete Palace Super spider McLaren MP4-12 C.

The British model will be officially launched at this year’s motor show in Tokyo. The impressive aerodynamic package includes new large ventilation holes along with these side skirts, new side skirts, diffuser and rear bumper. Croup is complemented by the massive wing, while the front stands out with a new splitter.

Noticed the presence of wheels, again courtesy of FAB Design, ranging in size from 20-inch and shod with Dunlop SP SportMaxx. Among other revisions in car MP4-12 C Spider is the new exhaust system from stainless steel. Thanks to the electronic unit preprogramiraniâ of the engine power increased by factory 616 HP to 680 HP.

How it is presented the way McLaren MP4-12 C spider? Optimized Roadster accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds and a top speed of 335 km/h.

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