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Elegant solutions by PSI tuning for BMW M3 (E92)

Transformed M3-kata rich replica of M3 GTS.

American receivers from the company precision sport industries (PSI) presented his last masterpiece, based on the BMW M3 (E92). Aim sports have had to turn to the version of Bavarian GTS Coupe. Mission accomplished.

From the PSI fair share at the heart of every single fan of M3 is the desire to be a master of “speciallna” your own M3-Ka, describing their love for the model and the company, but also stands out with a unique vision and personalization. Called two version, the most similar to the original M3 GTS, new project, although it is only a replica.

For this purpose, the receivers have packed the M3-kata with a huge rear wing OEM M3 GTS, AE rolkejdž performance with orange details in the spirit of the bodywork and Recaro seats SPG XL. This transmission was revised and as you can see, the gear lever has been replaced with a new company quickly Macht nylon.

The exterior of the BMW M3 (E92) is razkrasena and at the same time received the improved aerodynamics, thanks to the new front bumper and spoiler Evo Sport IND drink together with runout of 3D design. The type of M3-kata is filled with gracious and brutal HRE Monoblock wheels performance.

Orange BMW M3 (E92) Faiikwn gaiis in the lift tube modifications (reprogramming of the electronic blocks and new generation) that will be held soon with the help of the company active Autowerke, who took care of the transmission.

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The latest from Hamann: elegant solutions for 6 series Gran Coupe with sports M

The četirivratata “six” with the sports package M sports. It seems maddeningly amazing!

Internal tuning masters of the Bavarian manufacturer published information and a gallery of photos in high resolution on the program for 6 series Gran Coupe. Enriching the range together with the already modified Coupe and Convertible variants “pointed”.

Your pictures show a really heavy četirivratoto Coupe, equipped with the m-sport package from the Division of BMW, known as the sports M.

The program of German magicians covers two outside of series 6, Gran Coupe and the Interior. Because of these changes, we believe that the “identified” has acquired a more sexy look and appearance. Hiŝnostta in the vision of has grown over time. Notice new front spoiler that improves the running resistance difuz′or ″ t in conjunction with the new outgoing pipes exhaust, new front bumper, side skirts, rear wing, a new carbon fibre bonnet.

By Hamann will offer customers a wide selection of wheels that till the end of optical tuning 6 series Gran Coupe. The Interior is furnished with a leather trim and aluminum pedals.

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