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Godzilata managed to turn the Jotech on 880 HP, having added and HRE wheels

The increased power is with 330 HP. is okay?

Another Godzilla heavily modified comes from the garage of the American tuners who took care of his power Jotech Motorsports.

You are going to install the so-called stage 3 Kit, which increases the strength of the Japanese athlete 880 HP. energy storage improvements, the owner asked the company to diversify the vision of a super car and finally decided to refreshing wheels with opaque shades from collections of HRE (model S101 HRE).

What are the modifications for the GT-R? An entirely new exhaust system HKS stainless steel, rich K & n. air filters are the choice for changes to the engine, which means that customers will be able to choose between many Turbo Kit-GT800 HKS Twin Turbo, GReddy Twin Turbo, ETS Twin Turbo, a new intercooler and others.

Let them explore the gallery with high resolution photos is impressive!

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